Strokes of genius like this illustrate why many West fans refuse to give up on him and his potential for creative redemption. Ultimately, Cyrus' passion and artistry manage to shine through the noise. — the lead single from his fourth studio album, featuring his friend Anderson .Paak — Miller tapped into a jazzy optimism that heralded his most creative, most fun, and overall best music. "Sucker" was the perfect comeback song for this century's most beloved trio. "Forget your string of divorces / You go and throw your little hands up. The Attempted Coup at the Capitol Proves This Is the United States of QAnon, Twitter Takes Bold Action Against President Who Can’t Hurt It Anymore, Watch Mitch McConnell Warn of Democratic ‘Death Spiral’ Minutes Before Pro-Trump Mob Storms Capitol, John Fogerty Debuts New Gospel-Flavored Protest Song to See Trump Off, Gov. The 200 Best Songs of the 2010s By Pitchfork. ", It's difficult to imagine another singer-songwriter who can pull off a club banger that opens with the lyrics, "I eat my dinner in my bathtub, then I go to sex clubs / Watchin' freaky people gettin' it on.". By the end, memories of the night are blurred but gleaming. ", The singer-songwriter-producer, born Claire Boucher, wrote the track to grapple with a violent sexual assault that left her "paranoid" and "feeling powerless. In February 2011, no one knew who Abel Tesfaye was. Here at Insider, we don't have definitive answers — only educated suggestions. Hot Rap Songs is a record chart published by the music industry magazine Billboard that ranks the most popular hip hop songs in the United States. The top 10 most-played songs of the 2010s on UK TV and radio: 10. Each winking detail has been carefully chosen; each image is precisely painted. The song is sheer power personified, flipping gender stereotypes by repurposing a lyric coined by controlling pimps, typically used by men in sexist revenge fantasies. But with "Dang!" It's hard to believe that "Bad Girls" was released all the way back in 2012. Rappers spilling their guts on the radio, crooning their own choruses, and exposing their regrets with voicemail clips only feel so conventional now because "Take Care" rewrote the rules, and "Marvins Room" is the album's most enduring, subversive triumph. Like many classic R&B hits, it dripped with honeyed vocals and smirking seduction — but renounced the genre's popular formulas for gothic production, his voice echoing almost creepily through the sonic space he created. "He turned it into this epic song. The beauty of Sky Ferreira's defining hit "Everything Is Embarrassing" is its eternal relatability. The 2010s was a decade that seemed to be in constant transition—especially when it came to hip-hop. Here are the best rock songs of the decade, ranked by fans everywhere. As soon as that first note of "We Found Love" rings out, the atmosphere shifts; in exactly one minute and seven seconds, everyone will be losing their minds. You could argue that his true comeback was his Jack Ü collaboration, "Where Are Ü Now." With its jarring honesty about monogamy's pitfalls, there is an open-ended strength within SZA's experience that feels available for listeners to latch onto. He became an essential figure in this decade's "emerging hip-hop counternarrative," as the New York Times called it, "centered on enthusiasm and occasional silliness. Out of all the excellent songs Miley Cyrus has released this decade, from "Can't Be Tamed" to "Mother's Daughter" and all the bangers (er, bangerz) in between, "Wrecking Ball" is a glorious anomaly. "This song captures the pop presence of the early 2010s, when party music was taking over." "The lyrics and the concept were what they were, and that's when the Kanye West genius producer mode came in to play. The hauntingly beautiful, ornate sonic architecture is James Blake's finest work — perhaps best understood by fans of HBO's "The Leftovers," whose showrunners chose "Retrograde" to introduce audiences to its supernatural, rapturous reality. by: Pitchfork… It's something about thinking you've got the song figured out, and then instead of the chorus giving you a dramatic beat drop, it pulls back and gives you that bass line — minimal yet confident, and powerfully seductive. "Do I Wanna Know?" Top Ten Songs Of Each Year 2010-2019: Criteria: Songs listed are from Rock 'n' Roll and related sub-genres. You'd never expect to love a song so much that includes the lyric, "I guess that c--- getting eaten" — until you can practically hear Azealia Banks grinning in the first verse of "212," her nimble voice strutting through Belgian house music. It's really inclusive, it references old geezers and all sorts of mad reference points. As he coaxed us to have fun, he also whispered truths in our ears — and as he rose to icon status, he rewrote the rules of rap and pop and commercial music on his way. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. As Jason Parham wrote for Pitchfork, this song "is not consumed with the moment, as Drake songs routinely are, but with forever. Here are 25 of the best horror films released in this decade. The title track is deliciously sinister, and "Summertime Sadness" inspired a generation's worth of sun-drenched melancholy. Its music video became the first-ever on YouTube to pass 3 billion views, and still has more views than any YouTube video in history. "That's when you're a f---ing artist like Janelle Monáe: when your cowriters aren't even thinking of something and you turn it into an important statement in [the guise of] a party song.". 1 hits — "California Gurls," "E.T.," "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F. His 2013 sophomore album "Because the Internet" was met with mixed reviews, and Glover's initial career as a goofy comic still made it difficult for self-proclaimed "serious rap fans" to take his alter-ego seriously — that is, until "Redbone. It still does. Get it now on using the button below. That this wrenching, soaring ballad — written about her experience overcoming sexual trauma and abuse  — lost to Ed Sheeran for best pop solo performance, its singular nomination at that very ceremony, only underscores the song's urgent importance. It's the three-minute-and-48-second tornado that sucked us all into her world of emotional turmoil and emotional triumph. F**k You - Cee Lo Green 3. "Didn't I take you to higher places that you can't reach without me?" One of the best things about "Nights" is how it feels hypnotic and captivating in any moment, on any playlist. Though it's certainly his most viral, it's not Childish Gambino's best song. The first number-one song of the decade was "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys.In 2012, Drake broke the record for the most Hot Rap Songs number-one songs, previously held by Diddy. "Fallingwater" is the Clefable to "Alaska's" Clefairy (Rogers would definitely be a rare fairy-type Pokémon that thrives in the moonlight, right?). Music has changed a lot over the past decade. It's the dramatic, swaggering, palatial centerpiece of "Anti," her most ambitious and best album to date. Some of the best music from artists like Janelle Monáe, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande bears the mark of Robyn's signature "poptimism," for which "Dancing On My Own" is the ultimate example. That euphoric uncertainty is the whole point. — because, despite the lyrics hinting at a breakup, the two rappers sound contagiously happy, grateful to be alive, and inspired by love. How fitting that the preeminent song on James Smith's solo album, "Loud Places," best illustrates his chemistry with Romy Madley-Croft, his bandmate from The xx. During the 2010s, a total of 242 songs reached number one on the UK Singles Chart. The traditional (read: misogynistic) platitude is that a woman is beyond her prime once she's married, and especially after she's given birth. Let me set the scene: It's the beginning of the decade. From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Drake — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years. He raps over a luscious, sparkling chord progression, while employing his characteristic wit — and even reveling in a bit of Odd Future-era shock value — without hiding behind "characters" or disingenuity. You don't listen to "Holocene" to feel hopeless or small, but rather to feel spiritually bigger than your smallness. The magic may have been best described by Grande's fellow singer-songwriter, Lorde, who called the song "maybe the closest thing to pop perfection i've ever heard. In the years following, Rihanna went on to release her career-topping album "Anti," as well as launch a myraid of game-changing beauty and fashion brands, cementing her permanent mark on culture that now extends far beyond music. What a way to kick off the decade. "Take Me to Church" is one of those ornate gospel-pop songs that will never quite feel tired. — the first collaboration between Rihanna and Drake, with a hook that's probably been on a loop in your reptilian brain for 10 years. As an exquisite blend of tropical pop and R&B (with a last-minute, climactic swerve into punk-rock territory), it's both a product of its genre-bending era and a timeless, sexy slow burn. The beat disappears and Banks starts serenading your downfall. The best Tame Impala song isn't one that worries about trying to be "cool." / F--- that, get money"). Warm, sparkling guitar riffs initially dominate the song. Many of those songs became hits because Drake recognized rising musical styles (dancehall, bounce, etc.) "Primadonna" is more than just the thumping, infectious, electropop highlight of every party playlist I've ever made. For more of our best of decade coverage, check out our 100 Best Albums Of The 2010s and our 30 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of The 2010s… How does one explain the genius of "Attention" by Charlie Puth? These are the top 150 songs of the 2010s. As NPR's Jenny Gathright noted, by allowing the details of the affair to unfold plainly, without judgment or a defined moral stance, SZA's messiness feels like radical self-care. The song's narrative builds and smolders, gradually, until the climactic lament ("Take me home!") Against all odds, this '70s-inspired funk oddity saturated every corner of our culture and sank into our skin. "I'm a rude b----, n----, what are you made up of?" Last Updated: 2020-01-22. Alongside the song's "dizzying piano melody and muffled beats" (Rolling Stone), Ocean put his knacks for vivid imagery and genius wordplay front and center. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. Lyrically, Swift has rarely been more in control. If she's a crumpled up piece of paper lying here, then so are you. "Sicko Mode" is the crown jewel of Travis Scott's blossoming career, his most masterful combination of trippy and exhilarating. "'Malamente' marked the arrival of one of the decade's most remarkable — and unexpected — talents," Philip Sherburne wrote for Pitchfork. There are many beautiful songs that are best heard within the context of an album, when an artist has weaved their tracklist together seamlessly and gracefully. The simple elegance of the lyric, "I'm looking through you while you're looking through your phone," is relatable almost to the point of being obvious — as though you've written that lyric in your head one thousand times without realizing it. Although FKA Twigs released one of this year's best albums, her 2014 single "Two Weeks" remains her standalone master stroke. You can listen to the songs on Spotify here. … I mean, "Lemon" would've been an arresting song even without the stroke of genius that is a Rihanna verse. Perhaps Aminé's greatest skill is his ability to manifest sheer joy. In fact, without "Dancing On My Own," many of the songs on this list wouldn't even exist. And Chance, already a formidable lyricist in his own right, handed back a career-topping verse that paid direct homage to West's influence. At a time when pop music was still comfortably discredited — when purists would insist that it was shallow or somehow less "authentic" than "real music" — "Dancing On My Own" emerged exultant and unbothered, burning an effigy of loss and betrayal and heartbreak before scattering the ashes under a disco ball. It was more, 'Can this create change?' Adele's global domination, during which has she maintained a near-constant monopoly over our hearts and our tear ducts, was launched in 2010 by "Rolling in the Deep." Nothing can ever beat the old-school classics, but the 2010s was a time when the music industry experimented with new genres while refining old ones that have been neglected over time. On "Humble," the explosive lead single from his 2017 masterpiece "Damn," he swerves back and forth between top-of-the-world braggadocio ("If I quit this season, I still be the greatest") and the song's central decree: "B----, be humble / Sit down.". The common belief that Glover is inexplicably good at everything, as parodied in his "Saturday Night Live" monologue, didn't truly take hold until "Redbone" spent eight months climbing the chart (it originally debuted at No. In speaking her personal truth, Solange has created a meditation not just for herself but for so many seeking safe space, asylum, and peace, for those who seek to maintain their dignity and regality in the face of condescension, lies, aggression, violence, and murder.". "Sunday Candy" is its crown jewel. There is no other song in existence that evokes the same ultra-specific, exquisite emotion as "Somebody Else." "They'll forget your name soon," she titters. The 100 Best Songs of the 2010s From Robyn to Taylor to Kendrick to J Balvin to Drake — here are the greatest songs of the last 10 years From 2014 streaming has counted towards sales (sometimes called "combined sales" or "chart sales") at the rate of 100 streams equal to one download or physical purchase, although the singles chart no longer uses this ratio. But her breakout single, the effortlessly anthemic "1950," is The Song we'll all refer to when we're reminiscing about her rise to stardom in 10 years. Yet as 'Delicate' proves, All That is what she was born to say. Though it's clearly one of the singer's most autobiographical songs, there's something about its glimmering, winking quality that makes "Slow Burn" feel like a soothing balm prescribed for your own individual soul. "Blank Space," for example, was an ingeniously satirical script-flip that plays an essential role in Swift's catalog. "Style" is the album's pièce de résistance. Kanye West's divisive 2016 album "The Life of Pablo" illustrated a Tale of Two Personas: the father and the philanderer, the legend and the naïf, the devoted disciple and the fallen angel. This is not Tyler, the Creator's buzziest song ("Yonkers,") or his most beloved (arguably "See You Again"), nor does it even come from his best album ("Igor"). It was like "B---- Better Have My Money" was her final battle cry. The song hit like a sugar rush with a hint of something harsher — something tart, sharp, and acidic — establishing Minaj as a top-tier rapper as much as an international pop star. "Fifty versions of this song were done to get it to that point," co-producer Fernando Garibay told Billboard. Take a ride down Dresden Street as we revisit the Top 10 Eminem Songs of the 2010s. He totally reproduced the record, and kept working on it and working on it," Emile continued. Travis Scott's official debut single "3500," a seven-minute statement with high-profile features, was ostensibly meant to announce Scott's entrance into the top tier of rappers — while its follow-up "Antidote" was a throwaway that he planned to leave off the album ("This is for the real fans; the real ragers! she smirks. To take inspiration from somewhere is always dope, but like, there's always this hunger to do something that no one is doing right now — a hunger to push people somewhere new," she said. "Though every detail is in 4K, the screen flickers," Stephen Kearse wrote for Pitchfork. As Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone's resident Taylor Swift expert) wrote, "'Delicate' is her triumph on 'Reputation,' a whispery vocoder rush that sums up everything she's about. Much of the year continued this way, with ostentatious hits from Carly Rae Jepsen and Maroon 5 becoming the longest-running chart-toppers of the year. Smith conducts a gospel-like chorus of chants and drum beats and hand claps, swelling around Croft's breathy croons — and transforming the song from an intimate confession into an all-consuming, gravity-defying hymn. Fans got a taste of Childish Gambino's range on his 2014 EP "Kauai," but Donald Glover's rap career was still mocked and underestimated in many musical circles. by rockgolf Plays Quiz Updated Jan 14, 2020 . "He probably had listened to the beat for four minutes, and got in the booth, and almost verbatim to what's on the song today, just did it," co-producer Emile revealed to Complex. / I've dreamt about you nearly every night this week" is like a boxer's baiting jab before the uppercut that knocks you flat. "That song originally I thought shouldn't be on a Tame Impala album, because it has this dorky, white disco funk," he told Under the Radar magazine. A Moment! The thoughts expressed are those of the author(s). Insider ranked the 113 best songs of the 2010s, taking into account both quality and cultural impact. Isn't it?". As Hanif Abdurraqib wrote for Pitchfork, "Charli XCX is sonic science fiction," which is best exemplified by the closing track on her experimental mixtape "Pop 2.". Few songs make you want to scream, dance, cry, march, and call your senator all at the same time — and even fewer manage it without feeling pretentious, calculated, or disingenuous. "And it's also maybe a little bit of a message to my fans. No other song captures the allure and staying power of Post Malone more effectively than "Congratulations," with its intoxicating hook and central screw-the-haters rallying cry: "They said I wouldn't be nothing / Now they always say, 'Congratulations.'" The Top 100 biggest songs of the 2010s has been unveiled, with Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You taking the Number 1 spot. On a fairly regular basis, just as a point of principle, fans will express retroactively righteous anger about "Run Away With Me's" lack of nominations at the 2016 Grammys — even going so far as to circulate fake quotes from the Recording Academy explaining why it was snubbed ("When a song is so ahead of its time, it's unfair to say it was released during the eligibility period, and that's exactly what happened with 'Run Away With Me'"). It's a universal jam that gets the the people going, regardless of whether you're dead asleep or too young to understand the lyrics. "This Is America" wouldn't have become the phenomenon it is without its absolutely genius music video and painfully relevant timing. 's "Broccoli" or Chance the Rapper's "Angels," only better — elevating this optimism with vivid storytelling, a hint of rebellion, and a fresh melody that would make Pharrell proud, or feel at home on Outkast's "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.". You may not know this song by name, but as soon as that first chord hits, you'll feel a familiar euphoria. Our staff list of the 100 most important songs of the decade, from "Baby" to "Old Town Road." ", As the two rappers will tell you themselves, they were undoubtedly in their zones when making "Ni**as in Paris," the crown jewel of their collaborative album, "Watch the Throne.". Hear (most of) these 150 songs on our Spotify playlist. "Ribs" is a singularly unique song that transports you back to high school — but not in the way that popular music from your adolescence is connected to specific memories. Given the very public relationship drama that preceded its release, the hungry masses would've been perfectly satisfied with a kiss-off anthem, even if it had been shallow or self-indulgent. Hot Rap Songs is a record chart published by the music industry magazine Billboard that ranks the most popular hip hop songs in the United States. "it's like 'run away with me' it's 2 much for the half-open heart.". that burrowed into our collective consciousness. "Sorry," to borrow a phrase from the song's co-producer, is the song. Its power is self-evident. For more of our best of decade coverage, check out our 100 Best Albums Of The 2010s and our 30 Best Hip-Hop Albums Of The 2010s. Portugal. "For those who stan a Swift closing number, 'Clean' is the holy grail," according to Insider's Courteney Larocca. From Katy Perry's album of the same name, "Teenage Dream" exists like a shining beacon amongst its four fellow No. There is something so deliciously Rihanna about "Love on the Brain," a startlingly beautiful ballad that feels at once vulnerable and combative. The glossy, glittering production would feel right at home in the soundtrack of a rose-colored coming-of-age indie movie, but then Ferreria swoops in with her sullen lilt and scathing observations for a reality check: "Telling me that basically you're not looking out for me / Everything is true to me.". The 35 Best Songs of the 2010s. (They returned seven years later, proving that dancing yourself clean really can do the trick.). From "Call Me Maybe" to "Hotline Bling," we've rounded up some of the top hits of the past decade. "It's a song about how not to behave after a breakup, sure — but it's also an anthem for self-care in a moment when so many of us felt unmoored," Raisa Bruner wrote for Time when she ranked "New Rules" the No. Fuck it. 1 song, "Thank U, Next. You don't need to spare one thought about any of this. Here Are the 100 Best Songs of the 2010s Get ready for the ultimate throwback with our playlist. But if Drake has one, we all know it's "Hotline Bling.". "You can imagine the characters who cycle in and out of his songs whispering 'We gon' be alright' to themselves, or reassuring loved ones between sighs, trying to make it through the next day," Pearce wrote. It became the most-streamed song of all time. 1 song, steal the mic from 19-year-old Taylor Swift, which Insider ranked as the No. This Prince-indebted ode to sexual fluidity is the perfect way to summarize Janelle Monáe's magic. "), and Ocean's own struggles as a student in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. It sort of sounds like an arcade video game, and also like the work of a chill David Bowie enthusiast who makes beats in Brooklyn, and also like aliens crash-landing on our planet in a spaceship that resembles a disco ball. 1 songs in recent memory.