Just received my Direto XR and the only way I’ve been able to calibrate the trainer from within Zwift is when connected using BT on my iPad. Der kleine Bruder des Drivo ist vergleichsweise leicht und handlich, überrascht aber mit ausreichend sattem Tretgefühl und ­einer brummend sonoren Geräuschkulisse, die bei niedrigen ­Geschwindigkeiten angenehm leise ist. But, there are edge cases where an app won’t do that – and then you get into the pickle like noted above. Eine Zahlungsangabe ist in diesem Moment noch nicht nötig. As noted, it has the cassette on it, and it also has all the legs pre-connected. Leveled on the trainer was nose down on the road. Elite Direto XR Smart Trainer: Details // Ride Review // Lama Lab Test Elite this week introduces the Direto XR smart trainer as their top model indoor cycle trainer. Elite Direto XR. We haven’t figured out yet why sometimes users get the wrench icon, it is something you should see with Zwift. I bought the Direto XR over the Kickr Core as the core was not available and the Direto XR is the newer product. Beim Kauf des Direto XR bekommst du 12 Monate lang freien Zugang zur App My E-Training und es gibt Zwift für einen Monat kostenlos. Alle Details im Test. Once you get to 37kmh just keep increasing speed up to 55-57kmh. Source : CP. Just as an example after 5 years using the Garmin Edge 1000 it still has some crazy flaws so I care less about updates and rather look for a stable working unit. Direto X Moment of Inertia = 15800 kgxmm2 I’m on the verge of selling the Direto for a H3 because ERG mode is so… marginal. Der Elite Direto XR liegt preislich zwischen dem günstigeren Suito und dem Spitzenmodell Drivo II. Der Direto XR wird komplett eingerichtet geliefert. Watts are watts. Thanks. So what about actual power accuracy then? And as always, feel free to post comments or questions in the comments section below, I’ll be happy to try and answer them as quickly as possible. Maybe I somehow downloaded an old version from the app store and it was updated? Das ist nicht schwierig, kann aber auf Dauer nerven, wenn man den Elite Rollentrainer für jede Trainingseinheit auf- und abbauen möchte. Unser Test liefert überraschende Ergebnisse. Le vélo est très stable grâce au poids du home trainer, à la taille des trois pieds, et à la possibilité de régler la hauteur des pieds dans le cas où le plancher ne serait pas parfaitement plat. This week I’ll ship it back to my LBS and get a new one. I found that I needed to extend them slightly, just so the trainer actually rests on them, versus the larger legs. I’ve tried both Zwift and MyETraining, and still have not been able to calibrate either. Is that bearable for an apartment or should I go for the Core? Leider befinden sie sich auf der Unterseite der Beine, so dass der Trainer umgedreht werden muss, um an sie heranzukommen. Please feel free to give me feedback if you have any doubts. As software for the fit file I used garmin connect. That said, there are now direct-drive models on the market that are smaller and easier to carry around compared to where we were 3 years ago. The power/accuracy is there, and my Drivo2 has huge range so I don’t have to change gears in ERG mode. You’re right This is my first trainer, so I’m not sure what to expect to be fair. Also note, I use a riser block with *every* trainer. Kassette und Riser-Block im Lieferumfang enthalten. Kann der Elite Direto bei Einsteigern ins Rollentraining punkten? I think the Direto comes with a 11-28 cassette. the improved resistance is of zero relevance to me. I mean $50 US negligible. Personally, I’m not a big fan of power meter matching/linking type technology from any company, as I often find it does weird things around delays in power. Die etwas geringere Verarbeitungsqualität erstreckt sich allerdings auch auf Kleinteile wie die Achsadapter. Quieter than a Flux 2 for sure, but not as quiet as a KICKR Core. Though, it also sounded like that last November. As to saddle comfort on the saddle, that leads into my other recommendation, which is a rocker plate. Wahoo Kickr Core or XR? I’m still thinking of getting a direct drive trainer as I’ve had a Kickr2 before and tried a few others & they must have improved since 2016. The 11spd cassette won’t work with 10 speed chain, it is too thick. Vielleicht ein ganz klein wenig lauter als der KICKR Core, aber alles in allem ist das vollkommen akzeptabel. Test: Elite Direto XR - nech žije kráľ. It almost looks like ERG mode isn’t even enabled on the app. And even in the recovery interval it is very difficult to ramp up the cadence. link to zwiftinsider.com. Working on a fix! Please let me know if you sort it out. I think upgrading a V1 to this might be a push unless you spend a lot of time in ERG mode. I also have assioma duo pedals and can compare information, ELITE: Hi Jordi, thank you for choosing Elite. In any case, assuming there is an update, the process usually only takes about 4-5 mins, super quick and super easy. If you want to calibrate it, we suggest that you do it through My E-Training. I typically do that with my 30×30 test via TrainerRoad, though it doesn’t really matter what method you use as long as you’re looking at big shifts in wattage: Now, I dive into all the nuances of this later on in the accuracy section, specifically including my 30×30 test via TrainerRoad, though it doesn’t really matter what method you use as long as you’re looking at big shifts in wattage. Yes on all fronts. If this is the case then the fault is with the app developers. How hard can it be to start a trainer in a warm-up from 0 to about 110watts? If you wish to record your trainer’s data on your Garmin while you’re on Zwift, you need to set up your trainer as speed&cadence sensor and as power sensor on your Garmin. It is ‘normal’, same with Trainer Road. But you keep a constant speed while increasing the effort. It’s even worse on the big ring. It is specified in the review that you can do the spin down calibration from within Zwift, but I can’t see the small wrench icon in the paired devices page when I connect my direto xr. …so at the moment the high end trainer from elite is the direto XR? Just like most other companies’ trainer update apps. The solution is to pedal faster. What about when used with other brand trainers? I ‘m running a white industries crank at 42×26 ( I would have gone with a 24 if it was not the limit of shimano 16 tooth gap) so should I run on the 26 or the 42 ? Great work, as usual ! Even if you don't have a 4K TV, the 4K version has more powerful graphics than the base, worth the extra $30. Hi Andrei, And in this interval there were short 400w intervals built into each set, and those handled quite nicely actually for all of them. No problem, hope elite can help you sort it out. Alright. Here’s the levels being sent (the blue blocks)) by TrainerRoad (in this case via Bluetooth Smart on iPad) and how quickly the Direto XR responded to it: In general, when it comes to ERG mode ‘accuracy’, I’m actually looking at three specific things: A) Base power accuracy: Is the power measurement aspect correct? All it does is stop sweat for getting places it shouldn't (it also helps with vibrations too). They’re updating their specs now to conform to how it’s usually spec’d. So what are the unknowns? However, I’ve carefully picked out three different models that are visually different. And the resistance is all over the place too. B) Power Responsiveness: How quickly can it achieve a given set point (e.g. Links sieht man den von oben fotografierten betriebsbereiten Trainer mit ausgestellten Standbeinen. The Elite Direto XR continues the lineage of the Direto trainer brand, but significantly ramps up the capabilities of the trainer. Garmin does it as well. It changes resistance uphill/downhill in Zwift so that works. Many thx in advance Jan. Kurz gesagt: Der Elite Direto XR Trainer ist der Nachfolger des Direto X, kombiniert mit der bewährten Technik des Drivo II und bildet dadurch das Top-High-End Gerät der Elite Familie. I did not see your answer before. This video covers all the details and I give my take on how it performed in the Lama Lab for my training and Lama Lab Tests over the … PS: Really enjoyed you detailed review of this trainer. Versatility: actually wheel-on trainers are generally speaking more versatile as they are smaller and lighter and there is no wheel assemply required. Finally, Elite does have their own app that you can use for a handful of functions, but frankly I had no use for it here at any point in the testing cycle. – If it wasn’t, then the darn option wouldn’t literally be labeled ‘Trainer Difficulty Level’ The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. it is a small problem that in a few case i hear from the costumers. None of which are usually good. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. Visa mer. Déjà équipé d’une cassette à 11 vitesses. I start the video and want to start pedalling, but the trainer doesn’t move with a super high resistance. Aké je postavenie novopečeného kráľa ponuky značky Elite, ako sa prejavili vylepšenia a komu sa Direto hodí viac ako Suito? Elite Direto XR or Wahoo KICKR V5, which is better? There have been no updates over the years to my trainer, they just release new ones and forget about older trainers. I’m in the market for a smart trainer, but direct drive is out of my price range right now. Think my written reviews are deep? Luckily it doesn’t seem to detract from a successful design, but I’d usually be worried about a design that focuses on flashy marketing points and potential ignores the basics. Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. Not per the spec, though, they might have enough overlap within their existing extra pedaling metrics to make it work. 21 23 komentárov. I read in the comments that Elite say their trainers work in colder temperatures and users have reported no problems with Elite trainers in cold temperatures. International. Do you have a bike computer like Garmin Edge 530 or Wahoo Bolt? Well, it’s not loud. Das neue Modell überzeugt mit seinen neuen Leistungskennzahlen. Er überzeugt durch großartige technische Daten und nützlichem Zubehör, dass man bei anderen Trainern extra kaufen muss. I was a bit skeptical about the noise level but no worries here, I can definitely ride in my apartment day and night, just avoid those crazy sprints at 3 am and it should be absolutely fine. Elite will continue to make some lower end trainers and rollers, but the core three they’re focusing on for this ‘season’ will be the Tuo, Suito, and Direto XR. Basically most apps will baseline when the app first connects to the trainer, which pretty much resets the resistance to the trainer. I finished but it was not pretty. At bottom around 80watts are quite close together. Er ist in der Lage, Steigungen von bis zu 24% zu simulieren, wobei eine Leistung von 2300 Watt bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 40 km/h entwickelt wird, 10% mehr als der Direto konnte und 6% mehr als der Direto X. B. Whereas in TrainerRoad I’m looking at its ability to hold a specific wattage very precisely, and to then change wattages instantly in a repeatable way. There’s two ways to look at this. That wind resistance causes a rearward push against our torso in particular, and I suspect leads to a related weight distribution shift. yes. Elite Direto XR Interaktiv Trainer. So I was a little bit shot. The easiest ones on the small chain rain are okay-ish, some in the middle as well. (The trainer was connected only to my ipad thrugh bluetooth, dont know if that matter but maybe.). What app are you using to control it? Just asking: Is there anyone else here having updated to 073 to share some experience, whether he does or does not experience similar or same issues? C) Power Stability: How stable is it in holding a given ERG mode setting? I’m fine calibrating using BT for the moment and also, I don’t need to do that very often so, no big deal. Which is too bad b/c I do actually like my Direto apart from the ERG mode issue. Are you look at two head units/watches concurrently, or after the fact data comparisons? It’s still a trainer, and I’m still looking at a wall in front of me. Direto XR problems with ERG mode. I then change into level mode to be able to start moving the pedals and change back into ERG mode when I’m around the desired wattage.From there everything works as it should. On my bike I have a 10 speed cassette (12-25). The spiral of death is inevitable, once you fail the interval power, you have no choice but wait for the recovery interval, so you can restart. For the same money. It doesn't have smartphone/ANT+/Bluetooth integration, but it does have secondary outlets. I have filed a service request with Elite, but have not received yet a substantial feedback. Yeah, I don’t think Elite would disagree on max grade being about marketing. If this would be true ERG mode should be impossible to use and looking at your review it is not what u have experienced. Increase Moment of Inertia 26%. I opened a ticket with Elite. A. Road-feel: the heavier flywheels that direct-drive trainers have offer more inertia effect replicating better outdoor riding. Yeah, Peter from Elite pretty much outlined everything spot on. – Increased flywheel from 4.2kg/9.2lbs to 5.1kg/11.2lbs I own an Elite Real Turbo Muin. Figure +/-2% for each unit – so for 250w that’s +/-5w for each, so a potential cross-over of 10w. I’ve added the Elite Direto XR into the product comparison database. Elite Direto XR Indoor Trainer mit Travel Block Der Direto XR erweitert Elites Auswahl an interaktiven Rollentrainern durch ein Modell, welches noch leistungsfähiger, noch stabiler und noch genauer ist als seine Vorgänger. Hard for me to believe that thou. This reaction time and accuracy are both tested here. That’s just the one I use, and I use it only because 13 or so years ago when I got into cycling, that’s what someone first recommended. The actual apps don’t typically much matter, but rather the use cases are different. But is there a way to pair my Garmin hrm-tri to the Direto XR and then pass the heart rate to Zwift by using the Direto XR as an Ant+ to Bluetooth conversion? the 2070mm is just the proposed dimension. Elite says this makes a 26% larger inertia amount: Also, looking at cadence briefly – I do see a handful of calculation dropouts here. – Cassette compatibility of 8 through 12 speed cassettes (adapters required for XD/XDR/NX/Campy) I suspect the change from Level to ERG mode is what’s causing the issue. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? Easy to set up and connect, great design and a smooth riding experience. So in reality it’s 5.1KG (not 4.5KG), thus making it 21.5% higher that the Direto X. The first is their Elite My E-Training app, which you can do calibrations from within: As with most trainers, they recommend you warm-up first: And then there’s the Elite Upgrado app – which actually launched in the fall of 2019 for updating Elite trainers (finally!). – It effectively gives you a massive cassette, which makes it *easier*, since it’s a fake cassette that doesn’t exist in real life, effectively flattening the hill. Always use the smaler front chainwheel and a big one on the rear cassette. First off, nobody actually wants to go up a 24% hill. Try through the MyETraining app on your phone. While the H3 is slightly higher in price, it’s also so often on sale for $800-$850USD, that one should at least check the price before making a purchase decision. I’m just a bit worried that the H3 and it feeling not much better than the Tuo after splashing out twice as much money. They’re updating their specs now to conform to how it’s usually spec’d. You can do it yourself, but new software is needed and you won’t get it. Wie der Wahoo KICKR Core wird auch der Elite Direto XR über riemengetriebenes Schwungrad angetrieben. Testing it only takes seconds to apply with wood, books, wheel riser, etc. On peut monter d’autres dentures et d’autres types de cassette en changeant le corps. For example, one thing I noted that’s important in my review is putting your front chainring into the small ring (as every ERG app and trainer company recommends). The presumption is a bike that you are comfortable with and have no problems while riding outside, and then taking it inside. Der Direto XR ist die dritte Generation der Direto Reihe. Wie die meisten seiner modernen Konkurrenten ist auch der Elite Direto XR erfreulich leise. So in reality it’s 5.1kg (not 4.5kg as originally announced), thus making it 21.5% higher than the Direto X. No matter how many times people try and justify/explain this, they get that part right (speed in Zwift), but they often get the rest wrong. And as for sound? Correct, it’s no longer being made going forward – the XR is now considered the top dog by Elite. As a start, I tried the FTP test from the triathloncrewcologne. Elite this week introduces the Direto XR smart trainer as their top model indoor cycle trainer. I get up to 37kph and there is still 2 more steps to go, but nothing happens. Das Foto zeigt einen mann der auf seinem Mountainbike über Zwift ein Intervalltraining absolviert. Wir haben während des Tests keine Trittfrequenz- oder Leistungseinbrüche erlebt, und Elite lieferte täglich konsistente Daten, sogar bevor wir routinemäßige Spindown-Kalibrierungstests gemacht haben. Let me know if you can fix it out. I note the fact that in ERG mode it is advisable to shift to a small ring at front and towards the hub at the back. 37kph is simply wrong. I pedaled faster and the calibration through zwift worked. Da der Elite Direto XR ein seit 2017 im Wesentlichen unverändertes Gehäuse hat, wahrscheinlich eher nicht. While this can happen on wheel-on trainers and it is more incline to happen if you are a big/strong rider. Das ist eine satte Steigerung von mehr als 20 Prozent. In Zwift you get variability by having the road incline change and by being able to instantly sprint.