Un mandat sous le signe de la provocation, de la polémique et de la dénonciation des pratiques parlementaires. [63] In French Polynesia, the conservative, pro-autonomy but anti-independence Tahoeraʻa Huiraatira won all three seats. 18 - Dans les circonscriptions de la France d'outre-mer ou des Français de l'étranger, les élections sont avancées d'une semaine ou d'un jour (2-3 et 9-10 juin). [30], Instead, 64% of UMP voters said they would favour an alliance between their own party and the extreme right for the legislative election. It had only three members prior to the election. The Socialist Party has a majority with the support of its government partners: The Socialist Party and its aforementioned partners lack a majority alone, and require the support of the, This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 04:17. They become the third biggest party in the Assembly. Media in category "2012 elections in Serbia" The following 44 files are in this category, out of 44 total. 977 et 978 - As minister, she would not be able to sit in Parliament; as long as she stays in the government, her seat goes to her running mate, Avi Assouly, locally famous as a former radio football presenter. Since 2002, legislative elections immediately follow the presidential ones. In particular, 20 of the 41 members of the "Popular Right" (hard right) faction of the party standing for re-election lost their seats – most notably, Eric Raoult and Maryse Joissains-Masini. Les eleccions legislatives es van celebrar a Angola el 31 d'agost de 2012. The UMP's task was complicated by the popularity of the far-right National Front, which the polls indicated could obtain enough support to reach the second round in a large number of constituencies, thus splitting the right-wing vote. Résultats élections législatives 2012 - Publié le 18 juin 2012 à 18:06. Europe Ecologie-The Greens had 465. 1986 … The requirements are fairly limited : - Age: 18 years; - French citizenship ; EU citizens residing in France may, however, require to be registered on the supplementary electoral roll to vote in municipal and/or European elections. The French Parliament consists of two assemblies, the National Assembly and the Senate. [49], Wallis and Futuna's single constituency had the highest turnout of any French electorate during the first round on 10 June, with 78% voter participation. The Left Front had 531 candidates. Boris Tadić na konvenciji u Beogradu.jpg 2,500 × 1,663; 1.29 MB. Some 40% are women. 49 - Favoured by electoral alliances with the Socialist Party, its close allies, the Radical Party of the Left and the Citizen and Republican Movement, obtained respectively 13 and 2 seats, for a total of 315. Thus, Socialist Najia Amzal withdrew in favour of Left Front candidate and incumbent MP Marie-George Buffet in Seine-Saint-Denis's 4th constituency; Left Front candidate Patrick Le Hyaric withdrew in favour of Socialist candidate Élisabeth Guigou in Seine-Saint-Denis's 6th constituency; Left Front candidate and incumbent MP Pierre Gosnat withdrew in favour of Citizen and Republican Movement candidate Jean-Luc Laurent in the Val-de-Marne's 10th constituency; and Green candidate Stéphane Gatignon withdrew in front of the Left Front's incumbent MP François Asensi in Seine-Saint-Denis's 4th constituency. Les résultats second tour des élections législatives dans la 5e circonscription des Bouches-du-Rhône. In other cases, this rule means that only one candidate remains in the "second round". 76 - 68 - [95], This constituency drew attention due to the behaviour and situation of UMP candidate Nadine Morano, who had been Minister for Professional Training in François Fillon's government from 2010 to 2012. 2B - 79 - )[21], Candidates who advance to the second round have the option of withdrawing. François Bayrou's "Centre for France" alliance had 340 candidates, most of whom were members of the Democratic Movement. Bayrou had held the seat continuously since 1988, but the press raised the possibility that he might this time be beaten. Who can vote ? A postal ballot may be cast, if received by 31 May in the Americas or by 1 June in the rest of the world. [33], The day after the first round, the UMP officially announced its position. Three possible scenarios could have occurred if the left won overall: The Union for a Popular Movement officially aimed to win the election. [55], The Union for a Popular Movement (and affiliated miscellaneous right candidates), now the main opposition party, lost 112 seats, and several of its prominent members were defeated. The incumbent coalition, consisting of the FLN of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and the RND of Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, held on to power after winning a majority of seats. Parties which are not represented in Parliament but which are standing at least 75 candidates are entitled to seven minutes of broadcast each. [96][97] Her situation made headlines again when humorist Gérald Dahan phoned her, pretending to be National Front vice-president Louis Aliot, and recorded her expressing her sympathy and closeness to the National Front. 36 - 55 - Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Left Front) and Marine Le Pen (National Front) are both standing in the Pas-de-Calais's 11th constituency, centred on the town of Hénin-Beaumont. In such cases, the Socialists would support the UMP candidate as part of a "republican front" against the far right. 88 - The Radical Party obtained just 9 seats. Retrouvez tous les résultats des élections législatives 2012 à Toulouse (31000) sur L'EXPRESS. Most of these candidates were members of the National Front; others were from small, allied extreme right parties. [86], Bayrou was defeated, with the seat going to Socialist candidate Nathalie Chabanne. [15] The law mandates that every party must have between 49 and 51% of women among its candidates, or have their public funding significantly reduced. VIDEOS. Résultats des élections législatives 1958-2012 par circonscription, LEGISLATIVES1958-2012.zip [fichier informatique], Grenoble : Banque de Données Socio-Politiques, Paris : Ministère de l’Intérieur, France [producteurs], Centre de Données Socio-Politiques [diffuseur], septembre 2014. Durant la campanya, l'oposició UNITA i el seu plançó CASA-CE van acusar i van criticar al govern de corrupció i va demanar una major transparència; de manera que això va donar lloc a protestes i detencions el dia abans de les eleccions. Français : Résultats des élections législatives de 2012 à Paris. La citation de chaque fichier est indiquée dans la description de la ressource. : constituencies for French residents overseas, Socialist, Radical, Citizen and Miscellaneous Left, Opinion polling for the French legislative election, 2012, "France sets 2012 presidential election dates", "Les dates de la présidentielle 2012 fixées", "Gauche et droite fourbissent déjà leurs armes pour les législatives", "Législatives : le PS veut "une majorité nette", l'UMP veut limiter la casse", "Législatives. [24] A study by Regards Citoyens indicated that the number of seats increased in areas held by the centre-right coalition led by then governing UMP at the expense of the Socialist-led opposition coalition. It no longer has enough seats (15) to be recognised as a parliamentary group on its own,[53] but formed a group (the Democratic and Republican Left) with five miscellaneous left representatives from French overseas departments and territories: Huguette Bello (representing her own "For Réunion" movement; she is a dissident who left the Communist Party of Réunion shortly before the election[54]), Alfred Marie-Jeanne and Jean Philippe Nilor (Martinican Independence Movement), Gabriel Serville (Guianese Socialist Party), and Bruno Nestor Azérot (independent left, from Martinique). A candidate is elected in the first round if he or she obtains an absolute majority of the vote in his or her constituency and the votes of at least one quarter of all registered voters in the constituency. 976 - [51], In overseas departments and territories, several local parties gained or maintained representation. 51 - 78 - Party leaders Marine Le Pen and Louis Aliot were defeated, as was party spokesman Florian Philippot, but Le Pen's 22-year-old niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen was elected in Carpentras, benefiting from a split opposition due to Socialist candidate Catherine Arkilovitch's refusal, in defiance of party instructions, to withdraw in support of the better-placed UMP candidate. Francis Sak et Thomas Delmas, associés-fondateurs, …, Sélectionnée dans le guide Michelin, le Gault et …, WEELODGE c'est une autre façon de travailler, de …, Depuis plus d’un siècle, la famille d’Henri …, L'Obs - Les marques ou contenus du site nouvelobs.com sont soumis à la protection de la propriété intellectuelle. 62 - ", "Désistement républicain : face au FN, le PS ferme et l'UMP flou", "64% des électeurs de M. Sarkozy souhaitent une alliance avec le FN pour les législatives", "Législatives. [57] (In Mayotte, incumbent MoDem MP Abdoulatifou Aly was eliminated with a crushingly low score in the first round. (Under French electoral law, in legislative elections, a third party advances to the second round if it obtains the votes of at least 12.5% of registered voters – i.e., including those who abstain. 13 - A secondary aim was to "sow chaos in the UMP" by maintaining candidates in the second round and thus causing the UMP potentially to lose seats. Turnout was 57.23%, a record low. 11 - Retrouvez tous les événements de la journée de lundi. 19 - Retrouvez ici les résultats du second tour des élections législatives dans la sixième circonscription de Paris, où Cécile Duflot est candidate. 14 - Jean-Louis Borloo a été réélu dans le Nord avec 55,83% des voix. 32 - [16][better source needed] The law also does not take electability into account, and significant numbers of women candidates run in constituencies where their party does not stand a real chance. Who is banned from voting ? 59 - De notre envoyé spécial à La Rochelle. Le Défenseur des droits et Kemel narrowly won the seat (retaining it for the Socialist Party) with 50.1% of the vote, defeating Marine Le Pen. 63 - [23], The Constitutional Council approved in 2010 the first redistricting of electoral boundaries since 1986 to reflect France's changing demographics. 60 - toutes les circonscriptions tandis que d'autres fonctions emportent She finished second in the first round (34.33%) behind Socialist candidate Dominique Potier (39.29%) and, in the hopes of obtaining more votes in the second, appealed explicitly to the voters of the eliminated National Front, on the grounds of "common values" in what she called a "duel between the right and the left". 71 - [59] All the more so as the two centre-right parties, the New Centre and the Radical Party, both lost seats, despite an electoral alliance with the UMP. 90 - The French general election shall take place on June, 10th and 17th 2012. The Martinican Independence Movement obtained two seats (up one from the previous election). [28], Europe Ecology – The Greens aimed to form an official parliamentary group, which requires having fifteen members in the Assembly. 43 - Retrouvez les décisions de contentieux du Conseil Constitutionnel par département ici. 47 - [38][39] Another UMP candidate, Jean-Paul Garraud, stated that his party and the National Front had "common beliefs", a statement which was criticised by Alain Juppé as being "in total contradiction" with the stated position of the UMP. 988 - [6] Thus, in 2012, the Socialist Party has asked French citizens to "confirm" the result of the presidential election; Hollande's campaign director Pierre Moscovici argued it would not make sense to have elected a President only for him to be rendered "powerless" by the legislative election: "This President tomorrow must have a majority with which to govern". 92 - 15 - [62] In New Caledonia, both seats were won by the centre-right, anti-independence Caledonia Together party, which gained them from the UMP. 67 - [35], Simultaneously, Nadine Morano (UMP), government minister from 2008 and 2012, asked National Front voters in her constituency to support her on the grounds of the "shared values" between the right and the far right,[36] while UMP mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi stated that the UMP has "no common values" with the Socialist Party. The New Centre's representation in the Assembly fell from 25 members to 14, meaning that it would no longer be recognised as a parliamentary group in itself. [45][46], The leaflets of the candidates for the French nationals abroad (Français établis à l'étranger) seats were published online on the website of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. [58]) Bayrou's defeat was seen as a potentially crippling blow not just for his own career, but for the party which he had founded, and for the centre in French politics more generally. By contrast, the Union for a Popular Movement, on the right, has repeatedly asked that the left not be given "all the powers" through this election. universel : tous les Français âgés de 18 ans au moins, jouissant de leurs droits civiques et politiques... Pour voter, il faut être électeur, c'est-à-dire... Pour voter, il faut être électeur, c'est-à-dire : Il faut par ailleurs être inscrit sur les listes électorales (sur le site Service-Public). The population ratio between the most populated and least populated constituencies was reduced from 1:3.6 to 1:2. [28], In all, twelve parties or alliances stood more than a hundred candidates. 971 - [64], The far left parties, as well as the Pirate Party and the small environmentalist parties, failed to reach the second round in any constituency.[65]. Chercher une commune, un code postal, un lieu... Carte élections législatives 2017 - Tour 2, Carte élections législatives 2017 - Tour 1, Carte élection présidentielle 2017 - Tour 2, Carte élection présidentielle 2017 - Tour 1, Carte élections départementales 2015 - Tour 2, Carte élections départementales 2015 - Tour 1, Carte élections municipales 2014 - Tour 2, Carte élections municipales 2014 - Tour 1, Carte des résultats des élections législatives 2012. 987 - The incumbent MP, Odette Duriez of the Socialist Party, is not standing for re-election; the Socialist candidate is Philippe Kemel. remplir les conditions pour être électeur ; ne pas être sous le coup d'une inéligibilité prononcée par le juge administratif ou le Conseil constitutionnel; ne pas être placé en tutelle ou en curatelle ; avoir satisfait aux obligations imposées par le service national. The French general election shall take place on June, 10th and 17th 2012, to elect the 14th National Assembly of the 5th Republic, little over a month after the second round of the presidential election on May, 6th 2012. 23 - This enabled the Greens to form an official parliamentary group. [47][48], The election was won by the left, providing the new government with an absolute parliamentary majority. [43] Later that same day, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault accused the UMP of "preparing a strategic alliance with the National Front", adding: "I think it was underway with Nicolas Sarkozy, but now the UMP really is at a turning point". [106], Constituency results after the first and second round. Party leader Jean-François Copé, however, replied that he disagreed with these views. 87 - 86 - L'absence d'une femme au perchoir révèle plus l'échec d'Elisabeth Guigou que l'absence de volonté pour féminiser les hauts postes. Until 2002, the mainstream right had not stood a candidate against him, and in 2007 the candidate of the Union for a Popular Movement had withdrawn in his favour in the second round. "", "Ayrault: l’UMP prépare une "alliance stratégique avec le FN"", "La campagne officielle des élections législatives débute lundi 21 mai", "Législatives: c'est parti pour la campagne officielle", "Elections législatives, Liste des candidats et circulaires (premier tour)", "Elections législatives, Liste des candidats et circulaires (second tour)", "Il y aura 40% de nouveaux députés à l'Assemblée", "La gauche triomphe, hécatombe à droite : les 10 points à retenir des législatives", "Le Front de gauche, grand perdant des législatives", "Le Front de gauche réussit à constituer un groupe à l'Assemblée", "Premières autocritiques sur la stratégie droitière de l'UMP", "Bayrou quitte une Assemblée où le centre perd en influence", "Mayotte : une claque pour le député Abdoulatifou Aly", "François Bayrou battu : le centre est-il mort ? The UMP had 501 candidates, and endorsed candidates of allied parties (most notably the New Centre) in 69 other constituencies. 84 - ", "Les élus PS en Tarn et Garonne: Jacques Moignard", "Législatives : le sort de 100 personnalités à la loupe", "Royal, Lefebvre, Le Pen et les autres... 25 circonscriptions à surveiller", "2e tour : les circonscriptions à suivre", "Législatives : face à Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon se présente comme la " relève " de la gauche à Hénin-Beaumont (VIDEO)", "France election: Le Pen and Melenchon duel for northern town", "Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon face off again for French votes", "France's champion of the left sends a challenge to Marine Le Pen", "Le Pen gegen Melenchon – Duell der Fallschirmspringer", "Wahlkampf in Frankreichs Norden: Duell der Populisten", "Résultats du 2nd tour – 17 juin 2012 dans la 11ème circonscription du Pas-de-Calais", "PAS DE CALAIS (62) > 11ème circonscription", "Là où François Bayrou pourrait perdre son siège de député", "Résultats du 2nd tour – 17 juin 2012 dans la 2ème circonscription des Pyrénées-Atlantiques", "PYRENEES ATLANTIQUES (64) > 2ème circonscription", "A La Rochelle, le dissident Falorni sera bien candidat face à Royal", "Large victoire pour le PS, large défaite pour Royal", "CHARENTE MARITIME (17) > 1ère circonscription", "Bernard Debré bientôt réélu député par forfait", "Claude Guéant est en difficulté à Boulogne-Billancourt", "Résultats du 2nd tour – 17 juin 2012 dans la 9ème circonscription des Hauts-de-Seine", "À Toul, Nadine Morano drague ouvertement l'électorat frontiste", "Duflot et Ayrault fustigent les appels de Morano au FN", "Sur le FN, Fillon recadre Morano, qui l'envoie paître", "Résultats du 2nd tour – 17 juin 2012 dans la 5ème circonscription de Meurthe-et-Moselle", "À Marseille, la ministre Carlotti sort le député Muselier", "Marseille: mission accomplie pour Carlotti", "BOUCHES DU RHONE (13) > 5ème circonscription", "Dupont-Aignan n'est pas inquiété dans l'Essonne", "Résultats des élections législatives : 5ème circonscription de la Gironde", "Résultats du 1er tour – 10 juin 2012 dans la 6ème circonscription de Seine-Saint-Denis", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2012_French_legislative_election&oldid=980366467, Articles lacking reliable references from January 2014, Pages using bar box without float left or float right, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Elected in the second round in a walkover, Former minister; originator of the 2000 law on the presumption of innocence (, Sole candidate in the second round following, Former minister; former General Secretary of the, Sole candidate in the second round following Najia Amzal's withdrawal.